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Call Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland Services today on 0800 783-266. Over 35 years of providing Auckland with a cleaner, healthier germ-free home. Branches in South Auckland, North Shore, East and West Auckland.

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Of course, our Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland Services use Superior Truck-Mounted Units with 80°C Hot Steam that Kills Coronaviruses like SARS, Bacteria, Dust mites, Germs, and Pathogens

Indeed, your routine upholstery cleaning will do wonders to keep your upholstered furniture looking new, like regular vacuuming. Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland Services suggest vacuuming once a week for highly lived-on furniture. Perhaps every other week or monthly for less used furniture. Thus, it will help keep dust, dirt, and other particles from settling into the fabric fibres, breaking them down and causing a worn look.

Furniture Upholstery Stains Cleaning Auckland Services

Of course, upholstery furniture needs professional care.

The Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland Service cleaning process for upholstered furniture is safe for your entire family, dries faster, and resists resolving. From getting your furniture clean and keeping it fresh with protectant, Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland Services is the best choice for furniture cleaning, carpet purification, and washing air ducts. With over 35 years of experience and a 30-day cleaning guarantee thus, you can trust Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland Services.

Often, customers try to clean their sofas and chairs themselves, sometimes with poor results. However, Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland Services doesn’t recommend trying this because these efforts typically fall short of completely removing the spots and stains. Certainly, such actions make things more expensive when the professional finish the job.

Also, quickly removing any visible stains will help keep your furniture looking new. Thus, you can do this by vacuuming the area and making a mixture of ¼ part laundry detergent with 1 part water. Furthermore, beat this mixture until you get soft peaks, spread onto the stain, and scrape off. After it dries, you should see a remarkable difference. Our highly trained professional upholstery cleaning experts, utilising the Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland process, will have your upholstery sparkling clean, dry, and ready for use in just hours.

Prevent Future Furniture Stains With Protectant

After getting your furniture cleaned, you can keep it clean with the Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland furniture stain protectant. Indeed, factory-applied stains protectant wears off with normal wear and tear in addition to cleanings. Hence, spill-proof and kid-proof your furniture after cleaning it with our DuPont or Teflon furniture stain protectors to keep the freshly cleaned look.

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