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Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland services has been providing people just like you with professional carpet and furniture cleaning for over 33 years. We utilize both of our specialized wet and dry furniture cleaning methods, unlike other companies. The latter uses the same steam cleaning on all types of upholstery fabrics. Thus, allowing Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland services to clean your furniture fabric properly depending on its cleaning requirements. Therefore,s makes Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland services the smart choice for cleaning sofas and all other furniture pieces regardless of fabric type and grade.

Another advantage of our cleaning process that it allows the cleaned furniture to dry and to stay clean longer quickly. Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland services exclusive cleaning solution is effective on everyday dirt and grime and can also remove the nastiest stains and odours.

Mattress & Upholstery Antiviral Disinfecting Sanitise to Kill Viruses & Bacteria

Pre-spraying your mattress and mattress bed with an FDA approved antiviral disinfecting sanitize treatment. Before performing Hot Water Extraction on your mattress beds to eliminate risks from Sars COVID-19 coronaviruses, bacteria germs, bed bugs, dust mites, and other pathogens.

After 15 minutes of waiting time, the disinfectant has eliminated viruses and germs in your mattress bed including viruses such as Coronavirus, MRSA and Hepatitis B. Our specialists then perform Hot Water Extraction cleaning to sanitize your mattresses thoroughly.

Upholstery Furniture Cleaning Services

Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland services have lots of furniture cleaning resolutions for you. We will refresh your upholstered furniture and quickly take years off of their appearance.

At Steam ‘n’ Dry Upholstery Cleaning Auckland services we have thoroughly trained our cleaning technicians to know how to clean a variety of types of furniture fabrics. We won’t treat your linen in the same way we treat suede. We don’t have a ‘one cleaning method fits all’ mentality.

Microfibre Upholstery Furniture Cleaners


    We always begin with a thorough inspection to assess the presence of potential problem areas and to determine the correct furniture cleaning Auckland method. Microfiber furniture cleaning with a range of ways depending on its level of soiling.


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