Furniture Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

Upholstery adds value to furniture and can enhance the beauty of a room. Just like other home accessories, like carpets or curtains, this material needs to be cleaned regularly. It is recommended to hire an expert who offers this kind of furniture cleaning service.  Specifically, to avoid any possible damage that could come from using the wrong cleaning reagents.

Upholstery Cleaning Auckland specializes in maintaining your upholstered furniture’s original fresh appearance. By cleaning it regularly by using superior truck mount steam cleaning. Fresh stains should be blotted up immediately with a sponge or towel. In fact, they should never be scrubbed or rubbed. This will generally cause irreversible damage. Always follow the furniture cleaning instructions attached to your upholstered furniture. Above all, if you are unsure rather be safe than sorry.

furniture cleaningThere are many different types of leather. So we at Auckland Upholstery Cleaning use different chemicals to provide excellent results. After the cleaning process, we also include a conditioning treatment which protects the leather. As well as make it look both shiny and stylish.

Upholstery Furniture Cleaning Service:

  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Fabric Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Dry Carpet
  • Stain Treatments
  • Commercial & Residential Cleaning
  • Our jobs include deodorizing
  • All areas sterilized. Clean from dust mites and contaminates
  • All work hand finished
  • Hand groomed with attention to detail

Top Tips

Below are some significant benefits to having upholstery professionally cleaned.

1. Clean is simply better, let’s face it, nobody wants to sit on a soiled or stained couch while they watch a movie. No one especially wants their guests seeing and sitting on dirty furniture when they come to visit. Clean looking furniture is aesthetically better.

2. Using a professional protects your investment.

3. Your furniture will last longer. Getting your upholstered furniture cleaned on a regular basis will extend the life of the furniture.

4. Regular cleaning by a pro means less wear. As a piece of upholstered furniture is used, soils begin to build up which then causes the fabric to break down.

As you can see from our above points, professional upholstery cleaning is definitely a necessity for anyone who owns upholstered furniture. It looks better, definitely protects your investment. It makes your furniture last longer, and it won’t show wear as quickly.

Why Choose Auckland Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning?

The experienced staff is able to handle all types of fabrics and soil levels. Upholstery Cleaning Auckland can clean your upholstery at your premises using either the wet method or by dry cleaning. We can also look after the leather finish in your other prized possessions. Such as your boat or car.

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