Water Stains Cleaning

The solution to removing water stains from cloth or fabric car seats is to focus on more than just the stains. With the aim of really disinfecting them, you’ll have to tackle the whole seat altogether. Fortunately, the process is an easy one.

Things Needed

Dry Foam Cleaner
Dry towel
Vacuum with attachments



  1. Begin by vacuuming the seats using a vacuum with attachments. This will remove both loose dirt and debris. (If loose dirt is left on the seats, it will turn to mud when moistened and cause additional stains.)
  2. Spray the dry foam cleaner on the seats. Cover the entire seat, not just the areas with water stains.
  3. Brush the foam over the sprayed areas, working it gently into the fabric. Avoid scrubbing too hard with the brush as it can damage the surfaces of some cloth upholsteries.
  4. Wipe away the foam with a clean, dry towel.



  • Firstly, before you begin, spot test the dry foam in a hidden area. Thus ensuring that there are no unwanted effects to either the color or texture of the fabric.
  • Dry foam cleaner is a professional quality product. This will leave both a fresh scent and a superb clean behind.
  • If the cloth surface is “stiff” after it dries; lastly, vacuum over the surfaces to restore the original texture.

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