Car Upholstery Cleaning

Car Upholstery Cleaning

Auckland Carpets Steam & Dry Car Upholstery Cleaning

Auckland Carpets Steam & Dry Car Upholstery Cleaning service believe that Cleaning your car upholstery is one simple and easy way that helps maintain the value of your car. In fact, your car upholstery is the first thing that is seen when you and your passengers enter your car. Indeed by keeping your car upholstery cleaning will make each car ride more pleasant.

Car Upholstery

Your car is like a little home on wheels – at least as far as Auckland Carpets Steam & Dry Car Upholstery Cleaning are concerned. And just like your home, you need to take care of your car to protect your investment and so that every ride is fresh and clean, not grungy and smelly. See Auckland Carpets Steam & Dry no cowboys reviews.

If your car has fabric upholstery interior, or part leather part cloth, then car upholstery and carpet cleaning are one of the most important areas to clean. Some would say more important than cleaning your car’s exterior.

Car Upholstery Cleaning Auckland Process

Step 1. At Auckland Carpets Steam & Dry Car Upholstery Cleaning we first start brushing and pre-vacuuming to remove dry dirt and soil.

Step 2. We apply a germicide and a car upholstery cleaner solution to the upholstery and carpet using solutions that are safe for you and your family and are still effective in stain removal.

Step 3. Auckland Carpets Steam & Dry Car Upholstery Cleaning service uses a superior powerful truck mount unit to Steam n Dry clean your car upholstery and carpet. This provides a  deep clean, removing 99% of stains. This leaves your car upholstery dry in 1-2 hours with adequate ventilation. If you want quicker, ask us to use a dry clean method which can reduce the dry time to 40. This is a good option if you need to use your car right away and can’t wait for it to dry after the steam cleaning, however, it is a surface clean not a deep down Steam n Dry car upholstery cleaning.  But can be good in winter when steam cleaning drying may take longer to dry.

Car Leather Upholstery Cleaners.

Step 4. Auckland Steam n Dry provides leather car interior cleaning service, as required. Conditioning, polishing and shining the leather in your car interior to protect the leather or vinyl from cracking from general wear and tear.

Step 5. Cleaning your car’s interior trim. Your vinyl, plastic, laminate or wood trim also needs proper care and cleaning. Auckland Carpets Steam & Dry Car Upholstery Cleaning service will sanitize, clean and shine your trim, and leave it fresh, clean and shining like the rest of your freshly cleaned car.

Step 6. Finally, Auckland Steam n Dry technicians will do a complete inspection of the car interior with you, making sure you are completely happy with Auckland Carpets Steam & Dry Car Upholstery Cleaning service.

Car Upholstery Stain Removal Tips


Dilute coffee spills immediately with cool water and blot with paper towels or clean rags.

Glass Cleaner

If a stain remains after the spot dries, spray on a glass cleaner. Soak the area, allow to sit for five minutes, and blot. Glass cleaner cleans all types of carpeting as well as upholstery without leaving the soapy residue of most traditional carpet cleaners. This only attracts more dirt afterward. Certainly, glass cleaner is normally effective on even the most difficult stains. When your carpet is cleaned, it is time to Scotch guard the surface no cowboys and limits further staining. Call Auckland Carpets Steam & Dry Car Upholstery Cleaning service.

Paint Thinner

Most greasy carpeting and upholstery stains can be removed by rubbing paint thinner with a clean, 100 percent cotton cloth. Cover the stain with salt until the remaining grease is absorbed. Then vacuum.

Note: Test the effect of the paint thinner on the colorfastness of the carpeting and/or upholstery in a discrete area first.


This will lift out pen ink stains on carpeting or upholstery. Salt will also lift the stain out of the carpet. Leave to sit until the stain is absorbed and brush off. Repeat if necessary.

Club Soda

Cars sickness stains. From children, pets or adults should be diluted and neutralized with club soda. Alternatively, use a mixture of baking soda and water.

Laundry Starch

Bloodstains on carpeting or upholstery, whether animal or human; immediately cover with a paste made up of dry laundry starch and cold water. (Do not use hot water, as it will set the stain.) Allow to dry, then brush or vacuum the residue away.

To clean vinyl seats quickly, wipe them with baking soda on a damp rag. Rinse with dishwashing detergent and water. Baking soda is gentler on vinyl than oil-based cleaners, which will cause the vinyl to harden. Phone Auckland Carpets Steam & Dry Car Upholstery Cleaning now!

How Water

For general carpet or car upholstery stains, take a gallon of hot water, a generous amount of dish detergent, and add a cup of white vinegar. You’ll need a hard bristle brush to work the mixture thoroughly into the carpet fibers. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Blot until dry with towels or thick absorbent rags. (This also works well for pet stains).

Damp Towel

If objects stored in the back of your sport/utility vehicle have left indentations in the carpeting, place a damp towel over the spot and press lightly with an iron on a low setting. The indentation will rise as the towel dries. Be careful not to leave the iron on the spot for too long as synthetic fibers can melt.


To keep car mats looking brand new, wax them with a liquid shoe wax polish. This will also make them much easier to rinse clean.

Before you commit to fixing your own car upholstery, stop by and visit the professionals. They’ll give you a free estimate for the repair that you need. You can see some examples of their repair work while you are there. Above all, they may even be able to show you a sample of some “gone wrong” do it yourself work No cowboys. Fortunately that they are going to fix. While a lot of satisfaction comes from doing a good job fixing your own stuff, car upholstery repair is one area that is best left to a professional such as Auckland Carpets Steam & Dry Car Upholstery Cleaning experts.

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